Wise Woman Wednesdays: Sharlene Kayne

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Sharlene Kayne (@skaynedesigns) has long been one of our favorite Insta accounts for decor daydreaming, but it wasn't until we noticed a recurring theme of her original torn-paper collages in the background that we truly fell head-over-heels in love. We caught up with Kayne to hear about her inspiration, her art, and her love for NPR.

How were you first drawn to your art?
I really can't remember how I first was drawn to torn paper collages, but I can guess that I caught a glimpse of something that inspired me and I filed it away for later use, as is often the case! It's a perfect medium for me because it's very forgiving, and having no art training, I need that!

What does it mean to you to live creatively & authentically?
It's in my blood. I love being inspired by simple things and using that inspiration in my art. When I'm creating, I'm in my element. I have a studio in my home, but I usually end up bringing my work into the kitchen and setting up a work station listening to the radio with all 5 pets underfoot (dogs Rosie and Barley, and cats Eloise, Tuco and Phoebe). Then I think to myself... ah, this is the life.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
That's a tough one because it's always changing and evolving. Some days I'm attracted to bright colors and an energetic vibe, the next day muted colors and a moody vibe, and the next neutrals and a calm vibe. That seems to be reflected in my home as well as my art.

What’s on your current listening rotation? 
I'm an NPR junkie. I have several NPR stations programmed in my car, and thanks to Alexa, I can listen to it in the house too!

What’s one place you can always return to for inspiration?  
For my art, I find inspiration in the most random places. It might be a museum, or graffiti, or old oil paintings on Etsy. I'm always casing my environment. For design inspiration, I often turn to Instagram, magazines and store window displays!

What does a typical day in your life look like?   
I start the day by taking my dogs for a ride to the drive through Starbucks where I get an iced green tea latte. (I think we all enjoy starting the day with a little car ride.) I usually spend about 8 to 10 hours a day working on my art, with breaks to walk the dogs, exercise a wee bit, or have lunch with friends. 

What does the idea of a “wise woman” mean to you? Who represents this for you?
My idea of a wise woman is a woman who does her own thing and does it well. 

What icon or totem would you choose to represent you and your life? 
I had to give this one a lot of thought. At first I thought "a tree" because I LOVE trees and being surrounded by them, and I love feeling "rooted". But on second thought, I decided "a bird" because I love to travel but then love returning home to my nest (in the tree) even more. 

“I feel best when I am surrounded by…”  
Family and friends is the obvious answer, but also art and trees!

What wise woman should we interview next? 
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