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Wise Woman Wednesdays: Ida Floreak

New Orleans artist Ida Floreak's paintings are immediately striking— the subject matter is usually small in scale, centering on just-this-side of commonplace items that lend the work an intimate feel. Discarded insects, crystals, and leaves all make their way onto the canvas in stunning detail, giving the impression that one has just opened a drawer full of spell-casting ingredients or stumbled across the contents of a child's treasure box.

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Wise Woman Wednesdays: Cara Marie Piazza

There's only one word that truly communicates the experience of seeing Cara Marie Piazza's one-of-a-kind, botanical-dyed fabrics and garments— "enchanting". It's fitting, then, that Cara's brand Calyx Intimates draws inspiration from the storied practice of sorceresses soaking their clothes (and undergarments, specifically) in their powerful potions— to be sure, there is something otherworldly (and yet, deeply terrestrial) about Cara's work. The way she transforms commonplace plant matter into breathtaking patterned textiles is nothing short of magic. We caught up with Cara to ask her about this mystical process and her path to it.

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