The older I get, the more I recognize the wisdom in dressing only for yourself. In developing a visual language that suits you and—and this is important—the life you really live. A well-made linen dress in a timeless cut can be both sensible and magical if, like me, you find yourself living in a sweltering city in the American south. What imbues a simple shift with its power, oftentimes, is you— and the days you shape together.

What does this have to do with HEALER? (I hope you may already have a hunch.) HEALER aspires to be both a source of inspiration and as a source of beautiful (sacred?) objects— A sculptural stone necklace that takes the aforementioned linen dress from everyday to extraordinary. A stunning handbag that elevates an entire look. A scent that reminds you of the best possible version of yourself when you dab it on in the morning— or refresh it right before going out at night. A little reassurance of your own power.

At the risk of over-dramatizing, yes— these are just objects. But these objects were crafted by hand by some tremendous and talented makers (many of them strong women themselves), and I believe that they imbue each piece with a little of their own power in the process. A blessing. We feel a bit changed when we put these pieces on— more steady, more sure. More mindful of our own power and strength. 

That reassurance— that's what I hope you find in the pages of HEALER. 

With love to all wise women,


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P.S. I'd love for you to share your thoughts and experiences (regarding HEALER, regarding objects of beauty and use...) with me anytime. You can always reach me at