Living in New Orleans, we see the effects every day of our changing ecosystem, and we grapple with the environmental impacts of our decisions. For that reason and many more, it's important to us that your experience with HEALER is as environmentally responsible and sound as possible. 

We would love it if you recycled or reused as many parts of your order's packaging as possible! We've tried to make it easy. Here's what you need to know:

  • Your HEALER order ships in a corrugated box, which can be recycled with your normal paper recycling in most US cities. Here's how.
  • The crinkle paper that keeps your items cushioned and protected during transit is made from 100% recycled paper. It isn't commonly accepted as a recyclable after it is crinkle-cut (check your local recycling guidelines to be sure), but it IS biodegradable and compostable! We also think that it's great to reuse these nice uniform crinkle paper shreds in gift boxes or bags, if you have the opportunity! (Please note: in 2019, HEALER has committed to purchasing an automated crinkle paper device which will help us recycle everyday scrap paper, and will cut down on our dependence on crinkle paper that needs to be transported to our HQ. It will also be fully compostable. Look for this change as you continue to shop with us!)
  • Our cotton HEALER-branded drawstring bags are great for storing items around the house— we like using the small size to hold our tarot cards, or to keep jewelry organized when traveling. (Let us know what you use your HEALER bags for on Instagram with hashtag #healerbags!)