Brands We Love: Future Glory Co.


Sometimes we encounter a brand that not only makes our jaw drop with their gorgeous designs, but also hits a note that resonates with us on a deeper level-- Future Glory Co. is one of these. From the minute we saw their incredible marbled leather Rockwell Midi, we knew we had to have it-- but it wasn't until digging a little deeper that we found out about their incredible ethos and commitment to improving the lives of women (#wisewomen, we might say). 

Based in San Francisco, Future Glory Co. stands by its moniker of "Socially Conscious Goods"-- much more than a slogan. A portion of every item sold is donated to local organizations centered around rebuilding the lives of women (such as those effected by human trafficking, domestic abuse and sexual exploitation), and the products themselves are crafted in part through an Apprenticeship program that helps women become employable with skills in leatherworking, sewing production and business. Additionally, the vast majority of Future Glory Co.'s raw materials are purchased domestically to support USA-based businesses, with most of the leather they use coming from byproducts of the food industry. Conservation and diminishing waste is a large part of their message as well-- they donate unused scraps to schools and nonprofits to help continue the cycle of saving.

From design concept to supply chains to construction, Future Glory Co. has made it a priority to be "by women, for women" every step of the way. We love the intuitive yet special designs of their bags, but we're even more moved by what goes on behind the scenes. These are pieces that we can see living with our wardrobes for a long time, and we always feel extra powerful when we use them-- both because of how they look and what they stand for. We're proud to carry Future Glory Co.'s pieces among our deliveries for 2017. 

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To learn more about their missions and the organizations they support, visit them here.