Hello, HEALER!

Whew! Here we are! We've just launched and it has already been quite an adventure...it's only the beginning but already we at HEALER HQ have been through so much, from the inception of this idea--the idea of a curated shop with a powerful, minimal aesthetic based around the way we want to live and dress--through to late nights navigating the murky unknowns of shipping costs, it feels like an eternity since we registered shophealer.com and began chasing this dream.

So, what exactly is HEALER? We were inspired by a lot of things when we began delving into what the brand should be. We love the idea of the "buy less, buy better" movement (you may remember that from our stint with Rye & Rivet); we're even more drawn to the simple elegance of the capsule wardrobe, something that feels so intuitive yet never looks tired, season after season. We like imagining what a successful gallery owner or up-and-coming artist might wear from morning to night, transitioning seamlessly from hours spent hard at work to an evening cocktail party with the help of a go-anywhere wardrobe and a few well-placed accessories. We are people who love fashion, who love dressing up, who love decorating our spaces, but who also shun flash-in-the-pan trends and want to feel powerful and comfortable, not costumed, at all times. 

We have a strict code when it comes to what we sell. For every buying session, we ask: Is it minimal? Is it powerful? Is it elevated? Is it durable? Does it live with our other pieces, and, above all, does it live with the wearer? These are our values-- these are what make HEALER a brand for Wise Women. We hope you join us and that you like what you find. And, as always, if you'd like to reach out and chat with us--about our products, about our aesthetic, about anything at all--please drop us a line at hello@shophealer.com. We're so excited and cannot wait to share our journey with you.